Buy a Home or Build? The Best Path to Your Next Home

You’re ready to move, but now what? Maybe your family is outgrowing your current residence, or maybe you are preparing to downsize your living space. Many people turn automatically to looking at existing homes, but building a house is also a good option. Why Buy a Home Of course, if you buy an existing home…

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Buyer’s Agents

buyer's agent

You probably already know what a Buyer’s Agent is and does. (If not, check out this article) Joleen and I love representing buyers. Although it is very different from selling homes, which we also enjoy, buying and selling are both about emotions. Excitement at finding a home in your price range, Disappointment when the…

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The Boutique Real Estate Movement

What is the Boutique Real Estate Movement? There is a resurgence now in ‘boutique’ everything – local specialty shops and businesses run by local people. It’s a breakaway from the malls and the big box stores. It’s a return to communities and connecting with our neighbors. It is also a response to the digital age…

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